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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Keith Ellison and Minnesota Teen Challenge

After Keith Ellison's town meeting, I asked him whether he co-sponsored an earmark for Minnesota Teen Challenge, as Senator Amy Klobuchar claimed. He said he would check into it and get back to me - though he said he didn't remember doing so.

When Minnesota Independent got the story from Klobuchar that Ellison had co-sponsored the MN Teen Challenge earmark, they should have fact checked with Ellison's office on that claim.



Andy Birkey said...

Both Klobuchar's office and MNTC told me independently that Ellison requested the earmark. And Ellison's people regularly read MnIndy and suggest corrections/updates when needed.

I would have loved to have followed up more on this, but as the only reporter in the Twin Cities focusing on GLBT/Reproductive Health/Religious Right issues, as well as maintaining my own blog, and a full time job working on the health of the LGBT community, sometimes the small things get passed up.