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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Mardi Gras Crickets

I have been waiting for the national Republican party to come up with a compelling narrative that will bring some voters back to the party, and I'm still waiting.

The GOP response from Gov. Bobby Jindal (R LA) didn't help the cause. I could hear the crickets chirping as he talked. I'm glad somebody was enjoying Mardi Gras.

I have no idea whether the huge pile of stimulus spending will be effective in its mission, but I do know that for my own employer, if there isn't demand in the marketplace for our service, it matters little whether the tax rate on the business is .5% or 80%. If nobody wants to buy our service, nobody will have a job. The clients I serve are all non-profits, and their revenue comes from a combination of fees for service, private donations, and (gasp) government grants, some of which are also fees for service.

With Republicans running the House of Representatives from 1993 until January 2007, and 8 recent years of a Republican in the White House, what other tax can or should be cut that will be 'the answer'? If more tax cuts were a great idea, wouldn't the previous president and the Tom DeLay-driven House of Representatives made that happen?

Sen. McCain was at one time against the Bush tax cuts, and for what I thought was a very good reason - he didn't see corresponding reductions in spending. (hello - Iraq??)

Gov. Jindal is well loved by the party faithful for his rigid pro-life/creationist views. If he and Sarah Palin are the direction the party goes, they'll be speaking to a smaller and smaller audience.