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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Outfront Minnesota on Marriage Equality and Municipal Domestic Partnership Benefits

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I'd like to get comment from Outfront Minnesota on this. Is Outfront
Minnesota one of these "GLBT group" as Champion put it [Champion had indicated that some "GLBT group" opposed the Marriage Equality bill]. I thought this was on OFM's legislative agenda.

Also, can you comment on why the municipal domestic partner bill is absent from the legislative agenda this year - it had some success last year - why not build on the success?


Hi Eva -

Because Governor Pawlenty vetoed the local government benefits bill twice, OutFront Minnesota didn't think it would be wise or a good use of time to again propose that legislation this year, only to see it go down to defeat again. We're very proud of the momentum that the legislation gained, including last year when it became the first stand-alone positive GLBT-related legislation to pass in either chamber in 15 years (the last one was the Human Rights Act amendment in 1993). We're hopeful that eventually the bill could become law under a supportive governor.

We've decided to focus our legislative agenda on other proposals this year including marriage equality; the safe schools bill which would add protections for GLBT and other youth; and getting recognition for out-of-state marriages.

OutFront Minnesota is not telling any lawmaker to oppose the marriage equality bill. We see the marriage equality campaign as having a 3-5 year timeframe. We hope the bill gets a hearing in the senate judiciary committee this year.

Jo Marsicano
Communications Director
OutFront Minnesota
310 38th St., Suite 204
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55409

Leading Minnesota Toward GLBT Equality

In other words, let's give the do-nothing DFLers a pass. Geoff Michel stated he was willing to vote in favor of this bill. He had opposed it the last time.

Perhaps people should make efforts to get the Minnesota League of Cities to make this a more aggressive effort. It would be extremely embarrassing if this bill was on the League of Cities legislative agenda and not on OFM's.