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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Unpleasantness in the Republican Party of Minnesota Deputy Chair's Race

Andy at Residual Forces has the story:

I got an email (along with scores of others, including someone in Utah) from MNGOP Deputy Chair candidate Michael Brodkorb last night. The point of this piece was to attack current Deputy Chair Dorothy Fleming for saying the party should not be focusing on redistricting right now at an event over the weekend. (email is below the fold)

I have been working on different versions of posts through out the day but they get too long and devolve into rants. So here’s a different take.

I think Dorothy Fleming is right. The most important thing for the next Chair, Deputy Chair, and other state level leaders is to win a ton of races in the 2010 elections. If we are going to worry more about what happens after that election, then we had better just tell all the volunteers and donors to just save their time and energy for the courtroom phase some time in mid to late 2010 and into 2011. We can’t be bogged down with Voter ID, issue advocacy, and electing Republicans, we need to be ready to argue with DFL lawyers in smoke filled rooms.

No seriously, is Brodkorb so confidant we’re going to lose the Governor’s race, fail to pick up any Constitutional offices, and fail to gain seats in the Legislature that he is running on his record of what he will do after November 2010?

I know Brodkorb is going to run on his resume of having worked in the last redistricting, but to me the most important parts of his resume are what he chooses to leave out of it. He has played a major role in some of the most divisive events in our party’s recent history. The 2006 convention, the 2008 convention, the 2007 Chair’s race, amongst numerous personal phone calls and other instances where he has left more than just me asking if he thought he owned this party or whether it was his duty to bar some from participating in it.

When it comes to his previous involvement with Redistricting, can I hold Brodkorb accountable for my District being so dang screwed up? 4 cities, 2 counties, 3 congressional districts. Ha ha.

From the comments:

J. Ewing Says:
February 16th, 2009 at 5:48 pm
Well, I am forced, against my better judgement to agree with you on this one. I have been saying that the MNGOP needs to focus like a laser on redistricting, but by electing a majority of the MN House and Senate, and a Republican Governor (and by gumption, I don’t care who these candidates are, just so they’re Republicans!) We won’t have to worry about fairness and court fights if we control the process, and there’s a whole lot of other good reasons for us to want to do that, defeating spendaholics and liberal do-gooders being only the most obvious. I’m not convinced that Dorothy is the right person either, but on this point, she’s ahead.


Markh said...

Knock yourself out, Republicans.

Keep fighting with each other.

Holly Cairns said...

The only person I know who blogs in Minnesota but is in Utah (and connected with True North) is probably named Colleen O.

This person in Utah goes by the name of Lady Logician instead of using her real name... which I wish more of us didn't do, BTW.

And let's not use the name MB to increase his press.