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Monday, March 23, 2009

Andy Applikowski Raises the Issue of Conflict of Interest with Michael Brodkorb's Deputy Chair Run

Andy Applikowski reporting on the SD 42 convention.

I also got to see the Deputy Chair candidates speak. We had current Dep. Chair candidate Dorothy Fleming and Michael Bordkorb, who also had with him a staffer. Brodkorb didn’t seem to like that I was there. Usually we’ll at least do the fake cordial handshake, but this time he and his staffer kept their distance. And I did the same. His speech? Well, he did decide to attack Fleming for taking a small salary again. A salary, that he fails to tell you, has been reduced significantly from her predecessor, all the while the Executive salary budget item has remained the same. Did that go to Carey or the Executive Director? That is something, someone so concerned with Officer salaries should be harping on……

Brodkorb’s raising the notion of doing the Deputy Chair’s job as a volunteer raises some serious concerns.

A) Has he made enough money as a blogger that he is rich enough to do the party Deputy Chair duties out of his own pocket? Must be rough.

B) But will he continue to work for the Senate Caucus? This is a full time job. He can’t do his Party job on Senate time. The Senate operates during the day and into the night quite often during session’s end. How is this going to work? He can’t, legally, do political work while on the dole from taxpayers. I see some serious conflicts of interest and legal barriers brought up by the whole who pays who angle of attack from Brodkorb. He needs to explain how he can perform both jobs, if elected as Dep. Chair. Hopefully, it won’t be an issue and he can just keep working with the Senate and Fleming will be reelected.