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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Dennis Sanders on the Mythical Minority Social Conservative

Moderate Voice:

Every so often, I have heard conservative Republican operatives talk about how the GOP has an inroad to persons of color because in many of those communities, there is strong opposition to gay marriage.

Since there hasn’t been a flood of black people to the GOP based on their stance on gay marriage, I have always found that argument bogus if not bigoted. Being someone who is African American (and gay to boot) I’ve always believed that most African Americans are concerned with bread and butter issues instead of whether I and my partner decide to go to the justice of the peace and get hitched.

Finally, a conservative has shown this belief to be false. Zac Morgan, writing in today’s New Majority, shares that the evidence doesn’t line up with the rhetoric coming from leading conservatives:

The other part of this ofcourse is the anti-gay Democrats that are part of minority communities will vote Yes on anti-gay initiatives and will then proceed to vote a straight democratic ticket. This hurt the Republican candidate for Governor in Wisconsin in areas like Milwaukee. The amendment brought out anti-gay members in minority communities, and they then helped get Jim Doyle get elected.

This all being said, the white dominated anti-gay activist organizations such as the Minnesota Family Council are doing a better job at reaching out to minority communities than are the Gay organizations.