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Monday, March 23, 2009

Drew Emmer Claims that Minnesota Majority Has More "Members" than Education Minnesota

I wonder how those membership numbers are determined. From Wright County Republican:

1. Minnesota Majority was formed two years ago and now has almost as many members as Education Minnesota. That's the good news. The bad news is that aside from bringing issues to the forefront and motivating activism we don't really have a whole lot to tangibly show for this Herculean effort. Kudos to Jeff Davis and Dan McGrath.

Minnesota Majority is the group that theorized that a lack of "racial purity" causes poor health outcomes in the United States. Then Minnesota Majority Executive Director, and now Minnesota State Representative Mary Kiffmeyer defended this position in the St Paul Pioneer Press stating:

Kiffmeyer said the page dealing with health care and its mention of racial purity must be understood in context. That phrase, she said, is simply descriptive.

"That's a genetic term," said Kiffmeyer, who is a nurse by training. "It does matter when you are doing medical studies."

Emmer also discusses what "we have accomplished":

What platform planks have been successfully converted into legislation that was introduced, passed committee, became law? (i.e. Human Life Amendment, Marriage Amendment, .....)

I don't think the marriage amendment is going very far this year. I haven't heard anything about a human life amendment.


Markh said...

Drew must be counting a lot of inbred home schoolers in Wright County who wrote their 'X' on a petition, but haven't scraped together the money to pay membership dues.

If the Minnesota 'Majority' membership is so prolific, why aren't they influencing elections?