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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fact is Stranger than Fiction

Minneapolis Rumors:

A New Olson Highway

I am adding a new position to my campaign for mayor. If elected, I seek to change the name of Hiawatha Avenue to the Sara Jane Olson Memorial Highway. Since Highway 55 on the north side of Minneapolis (including Golden Valley) is named the Floyd B. Olson Memorial Highway (but signed as just Olson Memorial Highway), I feel it is appropriate to name Highway 55 on the south side after Sara Jane Olson. The signs would just read Olson Memorial Highway as they do on the north side, so those right-wing creeps who will take offence won't have to think about it. This would provide a consistent "brand name" for Highway 55 throughout Minneapolis as well as giving the former Kathleen Soliah the honour she deserves for fighting the good fight against capitalism. As a bonus, Highway 55 is the best route from downtown Minneapolis to Sara Jane Olson's adopted Highland Park neighbourhood in Saint Paul. Any comments (positive or negative) would be appreciated.

John Wilson
Whittier, Minneapolis
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