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Friday, March 13, 2009

A Lesson from Michael Steele

Assuming that Michael Steele's short, stormy ride as the chair of the GOP comes to it's expected conclusion, there is an important lesson in the story:

When you're applying for a job, represent your authentic self. Don't say what you think people want to hear, if it isn't who you are. The same could be said for seeking a romantic partner, and other scenarios in life.

When Mr. Steele's pro-choice views spill out in a major magazine interview, or when he chastises Rush Limbaugh, those aren't 'gaffes' - those are moments of clarity and sincerity, where Mr. Steele is showing what he really believes.

His 'gaffes' happened when he was being screened for the job, and he represented himself as the right person at the right time to lead a very extreme, very dysfunctional, ever-shrinking political party.


Gavin Sullivan said...

On your post's introduction--I strongly disagree. If you're interviewing for a job with me, don't obsess with trying to present your authentic self: Try to get the effing job; sincerity is overrated. (Who'd want a romantic partner incapable of the occasional snow job?) And Michael Steele's statements on abortion and Rush are indeed classic Kinsleyan gaffes.

Markh said...

Gavin, I guess I'm less cynical than you.... it appears that Mr. Steele lied about his views when being considered for the job. And he lied about topics that are very important to the members of the party that he asked to lead.

Now he looks silly, because he has been caught, over and over again.

Gavin Sullivan said...

You are an uncynical soul indeed. I doff my hat, Markh.