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Monday, March 23, 2009

Olson Supporters Replaced in House District 16B

Gary Gross reports on this.

I got some great news Saturday afternoon from Alison Krueger. That good news came in the form of HD-16B’s delegates sweeping out the pro-Olson cronies from their leadership positions, thus ending the pro-Olson regime in HD-16B.


Simply put, today’s GOP had to move beyond Mark Olson because his ethical lapses were an anchor around the GOP’s neck. We can’t be the party of family values if we still support someone that was convicted of a domestic assault midemeanor. We can’t be the party of personal accountability if we look past criminal behavior just because a politician “votes right.”

Ms. Krueger sent me an email saying that Jim Newberger had been elected the new chair and Dean McDevit had been elected the new co-chair.

Congratulations to Mssrs. Newberger and McDevit. It’s now their responsibility to provide the leadership that will be needed to strengthen the HD-16B’s conservative base and to build the ‘farm team’ up, starting with the school boards and city councils and ultimately the state House and Senate.

The rumors I've heard is that Kiffmeyer is planning on running for the State Senate, and that Mark Olson is planning on running for the house again.