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Saturday, April 04, 2009

More Unpleasantness in the CD 6 GOP Deputy Chair Race

Andy Applikowski is running for this position and reports.

I’m not surprised, my opponent in this race is on the State Executive Committee and I am hearing that at the last meeting, it was ugly. So ugly they had it behind closed doors and no one will talk about what happened. We already know that the Party has threatened to sue some great conservatives. All because the party had “salted” a list to entrap someone in this party. Yeah, our own party “allegedly” gave someone a list that had intentional fictitious names and addresses in it so they could track who ended up using the list.

Our party intentionally gave someone a list they knew was bogus and all to set someone up for a fall.

Why in the heck is our party so damn good at trying to punish and demonize our own? Why are some people so dang skilled at destroying or setting up people in their own party? My goodness, no wonder the DFL is kicking our butts in elections, our party’s Executive Director is actually wasting time writing contracts about us not talking to each other.

That’s why I am running for State Executive Committee, because this is the crap our party is focused on. Instead of focussing on a message, or unifying the party, or correcting some fundamental flaws in our operations, we’re determined to …… well, what am I to assume? Sue our own people or seal their lips. Put on the blindfold everyone, you’re in the Republican party now baby.

Will I sign a new a correct contract if sent a new one? Right now, I’m inclined to say no. What are the people in power afraid of?

Well, I will answer that for them. Yes, yes they are afraid of me winning, because this type of crap is BullShit and I wouldn’t sit back and let this fly. We need to clean house in this party. If this is what our Executive Committee is up to, things may be far worse then I had expected.

This sounds rather bizarre but remember, this is the same party that sent out a CD asking people to sign-on in support of a constitutional amendment opposing gay marriage - then posting the information on an insecure website.


Markh said...

This story makes AAA sound like the sanest, most thoughtful person in the room.

That can only mean that the GOP leadership has really gone around the bend, and deserves to be ignored.

If AAA's story is true, and I'm inclined to take him at his word, these are not the strategies and ethics of a party needs to get larger, not smaller.

They continue to self-destruct.