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Monday, May 04, 2009

Flash Calls Out the Mob Parrots


Quoting Mitch Berg: There was a local leftyblogger who used to throw a wonderful summer get-together at his place, where he invited people all across the aisle. Later on, I heard that the leftybloggers who attended asked him to stop inviting conservatives.
This is a bold faced lie, as Mitch knows this is not the truth. He will now make up another howler to try to justify his deception.

ScaifeNet, trying to change the story one lie at a time!

And the usual suspects stop by and mitch:

Well, no, Flash, it's not a bold-faced lie. It's what I was told by one of the former attendees. Or did I miss something?

And if you can't tell the difference between Strom - whose conservative credentials are in no question whatsoever - and Coleman, who as a journo spent years protesting his "independence"...

...oh, are you blogging from the garage again? You must be!
Captain Berg | Homepage | 05.04.09 - 4:18 pm | #

I'm calling you on it since you know the truth. It is a lie!

See folks, as predicted he covers one lie with another! Typical.

Any invite list was never based on someone elses direction and you know that. So implying otherwise, regardless of your source, is false.

You never implied anything in your post other than attendance at DL was a confirmation of ones ideology. That makes Strom, Beepop, Westover, and others who calim to be righties, liberals. Good on you . . .

If anything, it shows 1) how sloppy you have become and 2) how beholden you are to your puppetmasters!

Flash | 05.04.09 - 4:34 pm | #

Flash, the only thing that is offical is that you have become batshit crazy.

Liberalism is a disease, Flash.

But you only need to suffer with it as long as you choose to live in denial.

Seek help before it is too late.
swiftee | 05.04.09 - 7:05 pm | #

Truth hurts.