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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Minneapolis DFL Park Board District 2 Convention: 1st Ballot

Later on, 3rd Ballot had Natalie Collins ahead:  37-32.


David said...

Most poorly run convention I've ever attended. I was trying to object to ballots being cast in the District 1 race at 11:15 because delegates were still registering, the floor wasn't frozen and I saw people voting who didn't have credentials.

I raised an objection to Michael Rainville casting a ballot because he had NO credentials. He was saying that the credentials people screwed it up and didn't get him credentials. Perhaps that was the case, however, you shouldn't vote if you don't have credentials. Our chairwoman allowed him to vote and dismissed my objections.

Just because someone is a candidate doesn't mean they are a delegate (or an alternate.) Thankfully one of the candidates handily won endorsement with more than a 2-1 margin.

I still think the convention process sucked and the democratic process failed.