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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Unpleasantness in the Minnesota Republican Party

This time it is Drew Emmer from the outside, pissing in.

State Central Committee membership may have it's privileges. Unfortunately this member doesn't know what those privileges are, or who else might be on this otherwise secret society within the current republican conundrum. As long as I have been a State Central Committee member I have never seen the minutes of the State Central Meetings. That's just plain wrong folks.

I was appointed by my CD to be on the State Central rules committee. It's May 24 and there is no published list of who else is on that rules committee or any draft language for rules available. If we were serious about having members truly participate we would have circulated a rules draft with the official call that went out, perhaps along with the minutes from the last meeting.

Perhaps we should just change the name of the committee to the "Old Guard Rubber Stamp Narrow Decision Justification Committee". Consider the ridiculousness of what was railroaded through at the last State Central Meeting. They passed a change tightening the restriction on calling a meeting. When you consider there has never in the history of the party even been an attempt by any faction within any delegation to call a meeting, you begin to see just how paranoid and pathetic our leadership has been. That such a measure passed (in part) is further evidence of our collective stupidity.

Our leaders have failed us. We must reform this nonsense or share in their ineptitude.

Craig Westover drops by:

Drew --

I agree with your analysis except that once it became clear in the Executive Committee meeting that the EC was not about to allow delegates to have access to the SCC list, the proper thing to do was table the issue and make it an agenda item at the SCC meeting.

The SCC is responsible for the "property" of the party, including lists. The question of list access is a good opportunity to set a precedent for how the Central Committee goes about creating the parameters within which the EC runs the party on a day-to-day basis.

How is this affecting the Chair/Deputy Chair Race?