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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Party Chair Candidate Dave Thompson: Michele Bachmann Embarrasses All Republicans

Minnesota Republican Party Chair Candidate Dave Thompson was a guest on At Issue Today. During "face off", he was asked about Michele Bachmann's statements about the swine flu. Thompson made some positive comments about Bachmann before stating that he could not defend those remarks, and that those remarks were harmful to all republicans.

In other party news, Dave Fitzsimmons defeats establishment candidate Jim Knoblach 3-1.

Andy Applikowski came in 3rd in his run for deputy 6th District chair.

UPDATE: This will surely be used to try to torpedo Dave Thompson's campaign for party chair. The question is whether it will be successful.

If this torpedoes Dave Thompson's race, then there is no stopping Michele Bachmann, when she runs for a statewide race - either Senate in 2012, or Governor in 2010.


Anonymous said...

Dave's chastising Bachmann makes sense.

It is no secret that Dave and his ilk of Republican want to do away with the pro-life plank or at least de-emphasize it.

So this is no surprise - should be a pretty interesting election.