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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Republican Party of Minnesota State Party Chair/Deputy Chair Debate

Thursday evening, May 28th, SD45 Republicans will host the debate between the Minnesota Republican leadership candidates for both Chair and Deputy Chair positions. It’s a first time event, and will give anyone who comes a chance to get an in-depth look at how these candidates would steer the State Republican party in these challenging times.

At the State Convention in off-election years like 2009, we elect new leaders. And at that event there are campaign speeches by the candidates. They are inspiring, rapid, and energetic, but they do not offer the chance for rebuttal or questions. This will be a true debate with a moderator, and an opportunity for your questions to be heard.

Moderators: Ed Morrissey from Hot Air and AM1280 and Annette Meeks.

Cast of Characters:

Tony Sutton - Party Chair Candidate
Carrie Ruud - Former State Senator, Party Chair Candidate
Dave Thompson - Party Chair Candidate

Dorothy Fleming - Deputy Chair Candidate
Michael Brodkorb - Deputy Chair Candidate

UPDATE: Flyer here.

Location: Armstrong High School in Plymouth.