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Friday, May 08, 2009

Triple A: Ron Carey Refusing to Release Lists to Sutton/Brodkorb Opponents

Residual Forces:

Seems Ron Carey is not letting his lame duck status go to his head. The guy is still clinging to his totalitarian ways. For pete’s sake Ron, just let us know who each other are. Release the State Central list!

Once again he is trying to hand off the baton of power to Tony Sutton and Michael Brodkorb by not letting the State Central Delegates and Alternates have a healthy debate. Requests for the lists are not only being refused, they aren’t even being acknowledged.

Hit the road Ron Carey and take your pitiful leadership skills with you.

(Yes, I am tired and crabby today. This post will ruffle some feathers, but this man has done enough damage to this party and it is time we fight back before we have the people who approve of this behavior replace him. )

Call the MNGOP and tell them to let us talk to each other.

Release the Delegates lists! Free the people Ron. Free the people!!!!!!!!!!


Oh the drama, the drama..... A commenter notes:

Raven Says:
May 8th, 2009 at 7:24 pm
I agree. Horrible idea. So let’s take matters into our own hands and bypass the top. Gather the info on our own. Surely with your contacts and being a delegate myself. We get 2 delegates. And they get 2 delegates. And so …