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Monday, May 04, 2009

Video of At Issue Where Dave Thompson Condemns Michele Bachmann's Swine Flu Statements

As I posted earlier, Bachmann's swine flu gaffe was a topic on "At Issue" with Tom Hauser:

Minnesota Republican Party Chair Candidate Dave Thompson was a guest on At Issue Today. During "face off", he was asked about Michele Bachmann's statements about the swine flu. Thompson made some positive comments about Bachmann before stating that he could not defend those remarks, and that those remarks were harmful to all republicans.


An anonymous commenter notes:

Anonymous said...
Dave's chastising Bachmann makes sense.

It is no secret that Dave and his ilk of Republican want to do away with the pro-life plank or at least de-emphasize it.

So this is no surprise - should be a pretty interesting election.

I find this hard to believe. Thompson sits on the board of Edwatch, which is a fringe education organization which promotes creationism and anti-gay activism in the schools. It was through Edwatch, that Michele Bachmann got her start.

Similar comments were left on MN Publius, but I am not able to access that site now.

Updated: This is the comment left on MN Publius:

May 4, 2009 at 2:00 pm
I was at the Republican convention in Robbinsdale and spoke with Thompson and here is my analysis. His campaign is focused more on fiscal issues and less on social issues. His goal in attacking Bachmann (a very dumb move) is to silence the chief spokesperson on social issues inside the Minnesota Republican Party. His campaign has aligned forces with pro-choice intellectuals who want to move the party away from the life/social issues. For Thompson to become successful, he needs to silence Bachmman (and her followers) and move the party away from pro-life/social issues. If you’re pro-choice Republican and want less discussion on social issues - you have a candidate in Dave Thompson.

Why is the pro-choice Sarah Janacek supporting Tony Sutton then?