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Friday, July 03, 2009

My Theory on Caribou Barbie's Resignation

Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) announced an abrupt resignation today, effective before the end of July.

Personally, I think it's a defensive move before some other scandal erupts. Get out while the going is (sort of) good.

Todd Purdum's story about her in the next issue of Vanity Fair sounds pretty ugly, by all accounts.


Fruit F. Fly said...

I disagree with your guess. I think it's all about the Benjamins. She's going to cross her fingers and head for the Lower 48 hoping Rupert Murdoch's offer to write her first book gets her carte blanch.

She's in it for the Benjamins and she dizzy enough that she's convinced herself there are enough of her "fans", she'll make tons of cash to see her, read her crap and engage with her ideologies. She's shallow and she's obviously greedy.

(Recall the story about the guy who fessed up his credit card to Palin when the news broke out that the GOP was giving her and her family enormous weekly allowances for clothes and hair stylists? The credit card holder thought he was helping - until he received the receipts from Camp Palin four days later and he was horrified.)

Palin and her husband are the "Dan Wurzelbachers" of Alaska. She ran for mayor, and a bunch of meth addicts elected her. She ran for governor, and she got lucky for a few election scandals with her political rivals in the same race.

With all the attention from the campaign, she's betting her charm and beauty will be her strongest selling points. She believes that she's a brilliant woman! She's full of herself. She believes, arrogantly, that EVERYBODY loves her!

(Insert SNARK Comments here, of course.)


Fruit F. Fly

Anonymous said...

Todd Purdum's story about her in the next issue of Vanity Fair sounds pretty ugly.

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