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Friday, August 14, 2009

Report of Meeting in Support of Matt Entenza's Campaign at a NonProfit

Independent Business News Network:

Will non-profit facilities be used to ask community members to support politicians you support? (July 26, 2009 – Minneapolis Urban League-Southside Office, meeting in support of Matt Entenza for Governor – yes I was there, so were Mr. Bill English and Rev. Randy Staten)
Not only is this a heinous action, you put organizations at risk of losing their tax-exempt status.

Keith Ellison has always been sloppy about these sorts of things.


Brian Falldin said...

Out of curiosity, I called the Entenza campaign, and according to their political director, they paid for the room that night. Thus, they were like any other organization that can rent a room there. Not sure if this gets to your point or not, but I felt it was worth sharing.

Sally Jo Sorensen said...

Isn't that site run by a person who was involved in Barb Davis White's campaign? Looks like snark from a political operative who didn't bother to check into the facts.

It's easy enough to find out if the room is rented and available to all to rent. Brian Falldin's query to the campaign could easily be checked with the Urban League.

Not an Entenza fan myself, but the case for his bid for governor shouldn't be decided on the basis of cheap shots.

lloydletta said...

Sally Jo - please retract your statement. Noone on this site was involved with Barb Davis White's campaign. Brian makes a legitimate point.

Sally Jo Sorensen said...

I don't believe I've written anything to retract.

Editor and Chief of the Independent Business News Network Don Allen was in fact Barbara Davis White's campaign manager in 2008, as this post on the IBNN mentions in the fourth paragraph.

The Independent Business News Network is the site you cite and link to in your post.

It's clear from my construction ("that site") I meant the website you link to in your post.

After all, a post on that site is the subject we're discussing, right? Are you claiming that Allen wasn't involved in White's campaign?

Brian's comment implies that the IBNN writer didn't check his facts about the Entenza/Ellison event. My comment suggested a partisan motive for such sloppy reportage.

lloydletta said...

Ok, I was unaware that this site was run by Barb Davis White's campaign manager - and I thought you were saying that I had something to do with Davis-White's campaign - which I did not.