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Monday, November 30, 2009

Stonewall DFL, Constituency Caucus Screenings Closed to Press and Bloggers

From the Stonewall DFL Chair:

Subject: Dec 12, 2009 Candidate Screenings for Governor

Dear Stonewall DFL Friends,

The 2009 election results are in and SDFL had an 89% success rate on getting our endorsed candidates elected into public office!

Next up for our caucus is the candidate screenings for the 2010 Gubernatorial races Dec 12 at Patrick Henry High School in Minneapolis 8a-6p. Candidates have already been sent our new 2010 State Questionnaire. Each candidate screening is approx 30 minutes. Nine candidates have confirmed for this event!

This year it is a joint event with the other DFL Constituency Caucuses. ***This is a closed event to Constituency Caucus members only.*** Guests, press, bloggers, laptops, and cameras are not permitted at this event.

If you are not a member already please complete a membership form and send it in with your dues. It must be post marked 7 days before the event ( Dec 5) in order to participate. We are not able to process new memberships the day of the big event on Dec 12 per our Constitution and Bylaws. Memberships run a calendar year, but if you become a paid member in December you are considered a member for all of 2010.

Dues are used to help get pro-LGBT candidates elected all across Minnesota. 2010 dues also include a membership in National Stonewall DFL which has funded campaign field staff in the 3rd and 6th CD's in 2008 and is expected to assist our state again in 2010.

Our next board meeting is on Dec 13 where we expect to discuss and endorse a candidate for Governor of Minnesota! The process is moved up this cycle because of the early caucus and DFL Convention dates. The remaining candidates for 2010 office will be screened in January where possible.

If you have questions or comments about anything please let me know via email at Please visit our website; for other details.

With DFL Pride,


Del D. Jenkins
Chair, Stonewall DFL

I wrote Del Jenkins to ask why press, bloggers and cameras were not going to be allowed at this event. Here is his response:

Hello Eva,

It is good to hear from you.

I am certain no one is trying to hide anything. Candidate debates and forums are considered public much like the large event in Hopkins last night. Candidate screenings are typically private and thus closed to the press and non-members. The results are usually later announced in a press release.

Stonewall DFL has had both open and closed screenings in the past with recent years tending towards keeping it open to everyone to the point where we allowed a republican tracker at our 08 screenings who then later used the footage negatively and out of context. Unless in executive session our board meetings are always open as are conventions.

The processes for the rest of the 2010 screenings has not been formally finalized yet. I expect we will not allow trackers at any of our other internal screenings. It remains to be decided if we will allow non-members and some press. An answer to that is due by mid-December. If someone wants to participate in our screenings, all they have to do is become a member as defined in our caucus charter/constitution. It is quite simple to do. In fact, an updated form will be on the "Join" page of our website within a day or 2.

I hope this helps answer your questions. If you have any more, please let me know.

With DFL Pride,


Del Jenkins,
Chair, Stonewall DFL

Stonewall DFL screenings in the past have allowed for public observation. Other organizations that screen candidates (labor for example) holds private screenings.


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