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Monday, November 16, 2009

Why did Tom Emmer Fail to Talk About His Appearance at the You Can Run But You Cannot Hide Fundraiser

From Emmer's Email to Supporters:

Last Week's Highlights

November 11: Toured Ralco, an agriculture feed manufacturer, in Marshall and attended the Lyon County Forum.

November 12: Participated in the UMD College Republican Candidate Forum and won the straw poll with nearly 50% of the votes.

November 12: Participated in the College Republican Forum in Mankato.

November 13: Met with Rockford High School Students about "Jobs for America's Graduates" and discussed activism with home school students in Maple Grove.

Bradlee Dean mentions that Tom Emmer was among the attendees at his hatefest:

Here's Dean talking about the recent passage of Hate Crimes legislation:


Mark said...

Sad...despicable...and scary. This group absolutely epitomizes ignorance and bigotry. Any politician who associates with these morons needs to be called out for it and held accountable. Keep it up, Eva.