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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nancy Elliott Reprise

Remember Rep. Nancy Elliott, who shared her anal sex fantasies at a hearing to repeal same sex marriage in New Hampshire? Well now she has been called to back up her claims that anal sex is being taught to 5th graders in the Nashua public schools, and she has now backed off her claim.

CONCORD – Merrimack Republican State Rep. Nancy Elliott apologized Tuesday and withdrew her claim that gay sex was being taught to fifth graders in Nashua public schools.

At the beginning of a House Judiciary Committee meeting, Elliott read a statement.

“I would like to apologize to Judiciary Committee, the Nashua public schools and its employees and the speaker as well as anyone else affected by what I said,’’ Elliott said. “I will try much harder in the future to verify fully my statement.’’

The Telegraph reported Friday on Elliott’s comments, made during a judiciary committee hearing last week for a bill that would repeal same-sex marriage, in which she said she had been told by a “mother” that fifth-graders in Nashua had been shown pictures of naked men and taught about gay sex. Nashua school officials insisted her charge was false.

“This statement made in the Judiciary Committee had caused some controversy so I went back to my source for the statement to verify the information that I had received,’’ Elliott said. “I found that I could not confirm the accuracy of the information.”

From the comments:

Nancy Elliott's To Do List
1. Make a weak attempt at covering my a$$ (DONE)
2. Apologize to Nashua educators and students for getting them caught up in my lies
3. Apologize to GLBT community for attempting to deny them their civil rights
4. Apologize to citizens of Merrimack for making people think we're ALL idiots
5. Apologize to fellow NH Representatives for my vile public sex talk and video
6. Apologize to police for asking them to investigate my false report and making them look bad
7. Apologize to YouTube for bogging down their servers from downloads of my vile video
8. Apologize to Republican party for being yet another unbridled wing nut
9. Apologize to staff, pack up my office and put boxes into storage
10. Apologize to God, parents and family for not making better use of my life

well yeah watch em all distance themselves from her. Now some other house republican is carrying the torch to repeal same sex marriage in NH. But thanks to the power of the internet the video will never, ever go away. It's there forever and for always and we can use it to hammer home the message of the kind of mentality that is anti-civil rights. It can be used in other state battles as well. Good Going Nancy!!!

Nancy Elliott is a liar. The withdrawal of her egregious and inflammatory statements proves what many have known all along: that she has no credibility and no business being in public office. Rather than serve the interests of her constituents, she uses her position as a platform to spew bigotry, hate and insults.

Ms. Elliott has lied to her peers, made a mockery of her office and the Government of the State of New Hampshire. This has played out on a global technological stage to worldwide jeers and disgust. The negative attention she has generated through her lies will likely be economically damaging to many New Hampshire industries as her actions reflect poorly on the perception businesses have of our state as a stable, tolerant and inclusive place.

The only acceptable apology from Ms. Elliott should be her resignation. We must take steps immediately to remove her from office before she causes further damage and embarrassment to the State and it's residents. Letting the world know we do not tolerate behavior such as Ms. Elliott's will be a good start to what may be a lengthy repair process.

Rep. Nancy Elliott's remarks have made international news.