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Friday, March 26, 2010

Good for the Campaign Finance Board

Minn Post:

The ruling was sought by Hennepin County (PDF), when four of its board members — Mike Opat, Peter McLaughlin, Mark Stenglein and Randy Johnson — were invited to participate in opening day ceremonies. Those were the four who faced public wrath when they voted in favor of using a special Hennepin County sales tax to fund the public's portion of the new ballpark.

Opat will play the biggest role in opening day ceremonies, because he played the biggest role in pushing the measure, which did not allow a public referendum, through a reluctant Legislature. He's to be one of four people throwing out the first pitch at the first regular-season home game.

Opat, it should be noted, will have a seat because he had purchased a season-ticket package through regular means.

But even though the others were asked by the team to participate in the ceremonies and even though the team was willing to sell them seats at face value, the campaign finance board answered with a resounding "No!"

Purchasing those tickets, the board ruled, would be a gift.