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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ken Blackwell Fires Shot Across the Bow to the Republican Party

Fox News:

Republican leadership is working hard to prevent a party split. Millions of Tea Party supporters are justifiably fed up with the GOP, and threatening to abandon the GOP in favor of a third party if Republicans do not fully attack out-of-control federal spending and power with a commitment to constitutional government.

That danger cuts both ways.

Social conservatives cannot be played as fools by the Republican Party. They are not “useful idiots.” If Republican leaders abandon social conservatives and the party platform, then they will face the same kind of disaster they could be facing if Tea Partiers abandon the GOP. -- Millions of social conservatives will either stay home, or will vote for a third-party candidate who takes up the mantle of marriage, life, faith and family.

Now even anti-gay activist candidates such as Michele Bachmann and Theresa Collett are downplaying their support of constitutional amendments to ban gays from participating in the institution of marriage. Collett testified in favor of the Federal Marriage Amendment. Now on her campaign website, the issue is nowhere to be found.