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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Tom Emmer Becoming National Anti-Gay Bogeyman

From the Huffington Post analysing Obama's tepid response to Prop 8 overturn:

Still, it's probably unfair of me to single out the White House and the president for this shameful display of muddle-mouthed lip service. After all, they're just behaving like typical Democrats. Sure, there are individual exceptions, but as a general rule, Democrats treat the LGBT community as a captive constituency. They may not be able or willing to come out in favor of gay marriage, but at least they aren't Republicans, right? Democratic party leaders may oppose gay marriage -- or at least demonstrate a studied unwillingness to take a stand on the issue. But at least they aren't Tom Emmer -- openly hostile to equal rights of any kind and friendly with groups who take a Uganda-esque view of homosexuality -- right? That counts for something, doesn't it?

OutFront Action has compiled Tom Emmer's anti-gay voting record. It goes beyond supporting the Bachmann amendment.