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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Tom Emmer on the Age of the Earth

Leslie Davis Will Challenge Endorsed GOP Candidate Tom Emmer in the Republican Primary

I don't think he'll get very far.

Leslie Davis for Governor

May 2, 2010


Contact: Leslie Davis 612/522-9433

Leslie Davis to the primary

Leslie Davis officially announced today that he will enter the August 10th Republican Party gubernatorial primary election.

Davis said, “I will not sit idly by while Tom Emmer, the endorsed Republican Party candidate for Governor, and his cohorts, Coleman, Weber, Palin, Gingrich, et al, further the financial destruction of Minnesota and America. At this critical time in our history, having an insurance company lawyer representing our great state and the wonderful people of Minnesota is abhorrent to me.”

Had Mr. Seifert been the endorsed candidate I could have supported him because he would have supported the Davis Money Plan. Tom Emmer wouldn’t even read it. Even though I disagree with Mr. Seifert on the expansion of nuclear power and continuing the drug war, he is an ethical and reasonable man who, over time, may have been influenced to re-consider his position on those issues.

On the contrary, I have observed Tom Emmer carefully during the many months of campaigning and I have determined that he is a shallow, mean-spirited demagogue. While it is no secret that Emmer is an insurance company lawyer, he often obfuscated that fact by referring to himself as a small business owner. No one I know considers a lawyer a small business owner. Emmer has sworn an oath to the judiciary (MS 358.07) and that is where his loyalty lies. He cannot serve fairly.

Davis said he will continue his quest for the Governorship because his Money Plan is the only way to restore Minnesota's economy and balance the budget. Implementing the Davis Money Plan will create jobs and the cash flow needed by the economy with no new debt, no new taxes, and no cuts to programs.

The Davis Money Plan provides for a statute that will enable state-regulated banks to create the money, just like they do now when they make loans, to pay for the construction and maintenance of all Minnesota roads and bridges. The exception is that under the Davis Plan, the new electronic numbers will be an evidence of wealth not debt. Remember, “you can’t pay debt with debt and get out of debt.”