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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Anti-Gay Minnesota Minnesota Family Council on the Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage

URGENT - Contact your State Representative and urge them to vote "yes" on marriage amendment now!

At long last the marriage amendment has passed the Senate 38-27 and is headed for the House Rules Committee. Contact your legislator and tell them to vote yes on the marriage amendment. Also, tell them that now is the time to pass the amendment and that any effort to postpone, delay or table the bill will be considered a vote against the amendment.

To email, Click here to contact your state legislator. Please contact them and urge them to vote yes on the amendment and that a vote to delay or postpone the bill will be considered a vote against the amendment. You can also include the following points:

This is about letting the people vote.
Tell them that any vote to postpone or table the bill will be considered a vote against the marriage amendment.
74 percent of Minnesotans want to vote on marriage, just like voters in 31 other states have done.
The people of Minnesota overwhelmingly believe the people of Minnesota should decide the marriage issue – not the courts or legislature.
The institution of marriage predates government and has served as the foundation of society for thousands of years. If marriage is to be redefined, it should only be society, speaking through the electorate who makes this decision.
Last year, several bills were introduced to legalize same-sex marriage in the Minnesota legislature. The only way to protect marriage is with a state constitutional amendment.
This issue has been pending for many years. Now is the perfect time to address preserving marriage between one man and one woman.
Make plans to come to the State Capitol and show your support for the marriage amendment on Monday or Tuesday.
Spread the word! CLICK HERE to visit our Facebook page with up-to-date information on the marriage amendment.

Note they still reference there own poll, while refusing to provide the questions for the poll to the public. Note they also have veiled threats against legislators who vote to table this motion.

Make a much needed donation. Fighting for the peoples right to vote on marriage costs money - and we need your financial support. Please make a generous donation now.