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Saturday, June 25, 2011

New York Passes Same Sex Marriage Bill

And the usual suspects at NOM are howling.

The GOP Will Pay a Grave Price
June 24, 2011 11:49 P.M.
By Maggie Gallagher
New York Republicans are responsible for passing gay marriage. The party will pay a grave price.

Here is what we know. In state after state, Democrats who control a chamber in support of their base have prevented votes favorable to marriage: Iowa, West Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania.

When Democrats are in the minority, they’ve demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to their base — in Wisconsin and Indiana fleeing the state to prevent a vote.

N.Y, Republicans did not have to bring gay marriage up for a vote: What does it mean that they passed gay marriage in N.Y.?

Michael Long, the Conservative-party chairman, has vowed to withhold his endorsement. The National Organization for Marriage has committed $2 million to persuading Republicans: Voting for gay marriage has consequences.

Sad that the N.Y. GOP has caved. Consequences to be continued.

However others comment:

I can't blame Maggie Gallagher for blustering and issuing threats. She really needs to distract attention from what has been one of the most dismal records of a conservative organization in memory. When NOM was founded in 2007 to be a bulwark against homosexual "marriage," only a single state recognized SSM and, I believe 2 states recognized civil unions. The issue itself was wildly unpopular, running about 65-35 against. And no politician of any significance supported it.

And today, after 4 years of Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown's political genius? Six states comprising nearly 40 million people recognize SSM. A further 8 states recognize SSM in all but name, and a ninth is expected to join them soon. Maggie's 65-35 advantage has atrophied to somewhere between 55-45 and 51-49 and that's assuming - very optimistically - that the last 6 national polls showing majority support all overstate SSM support.

All of this in four years. Oh, and NOM's online administrator was so appalled by the way NOM has conducted itself that he defected, taking NOM's Facebook page with him, and now actively supports SSM.

This is not a record of success. Gallagher and Brown have been an abject failure and I find it hard to believe that the donors will pony up another $10 million for more of the same. We need a new organization or new leadership.

If NOM follows through on their threat, that means 2 million less being spent in Minnesota.