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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota Joins Campaign Against Marriage Amendment

Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota Enter Coalition Against Marriage Amendment
(Minneapolis, MN) – Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota officially announced today, Thursday Oct 6, that it is joining Minnesotans United for All Families, the statewide, multi-partisan coalition working to defeat the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in Minnesota.
Chapter President Ken Smoron described Minnesotans United as a coalition that respects and aligns with conservative values with regards to the amendment. “As Republicans, we believe in limited government and individual liberty. We believe this amendment violates both principles and will work with others, who share this view, to defeat it, ” He continues, “Log Cabin maintains the position that a constitutional amendment represents government overreach and strips the freedom of the citizenry to petition their legislators to represent their evolving views regarding marriage.”
A Minnesotans United spokesperson said, "The campaign is excited to have the support of Log Cabin Republicans. This is yet another reminder that Minnesotans from across the political spectrum agree that government should not be deciding which Minnesotans have the opportunity to marry."
The decision of Log Cabin to join the coalition comes on the heels of Minnesotans United announcing that they have hired campaign manager Richard Carlbom to lead the campaign to victory. With his diverse political background, we are confident he will maintain a strong focused message needed to succeed.
Smoron said that Log Cabin members will be active in the campaign to defeat the amendment between now and November 2012. “We call on our fellow Republicans and Republican organizations who believe in liberty and equality to join us and Minnesotans United. Get involved. Donate. Volunteer. Show your support in whichever way you know how. Let your voices be heard.” Smoron said.
Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota joins other Republicans and Republican groups such as Rep. John Kriesel, Wheelock Whitney, RAMMA, and Susan Kimberly, to name a few, in the fight to defeat the amendment in 2012.
Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota promotes legal equality for every Minnesota citizen regardless of biological gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or social gender role. We believe that equality can best be achieved through the conservative ideals of a smaller constitutional government that protects the unalienable rights of individuals. See our website at: LCR Minnesota is a chapter of the national Log Cabin Republicans. Visit for more information on MN United, Richard Carlbom, and how you can be a part of the effort.

Mailing Address:
Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota
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Update: I talked with Ken Smoron briefly. He said that: "Our position is don't use the constitution to lock in social issues. These issues should be dealt with in the legislature. Our major focus this year is to defeat this amendment."