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Friday, May 25, 2012

Disingenuous Arguments from Proponents of

Look True North has a post featuring the typical arguments for the Bachmann marriage amendment.

You will hear that the amendment "makes gay marriage illegal" but of course that isn't true, either. Gay marriage has NEVER been legal in the state of Minnesota, so all this amendment does is to write existing law into the Constitution. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING, changes in the law, for anybody. What it DOES do is protect that current definition against some judge who might, on a whim, overturn current law without the legislature OR the people having any say in the matter.
Actually what putting this into the constitution does, is tie the hands of legislatures who might want to pass a law allowing for marriage equality. Of course this writer goes into the usual nonsense:
If you love someone of the same sex, or your mom, or your cat, or White Castle cheeseburgers, you are perfectly free to do so, but you cannot marry them.
Comparing a committed loving relationship between two members of the same sex to loving "White Castle cheeseburgers" is par for the course, and typical of the arguments coming from those supporting the amendment.
Lastly, what you will hear is that proponents of this amendment "hate gay people." That is table-pounding at its best, and hateful in itself.
Actually I haven't heard that from those opposing the amendment - especially Minnesotans United for All Families. However, some of the organizations working in support of this amendment - especially the Minnesota Family Council have a long record of anti-gay animus. Their publications about gay people speak for themselves. To the Minnesota Family Council, the only good gay person is an ex-gay person.